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Italy lengthens the national dangerous state to prevent and control the new crown epidemic

Italy lengthens the state of danger to prevent and control the new crown epidemic

Rome, July 28, Xinhua News Agency (reporter Chen Zhanjie) - Italian Prime Minister Jean Claude Conte announced on the 28th that the country's national dangerous state, which was due to expire on July 31, will be extended to October 15, so as to take more effective measures for epidemic prevention and control.

Although the curve of the epidemic situation has been reduced and the pressure on the national medical system has been greatly reduced, the current data show that the new coronavirus is still spreading in Italy. He said that prolonging the state of danger in Hebei Province will enable the authorities to remain vigilant and take quick intervention measures when the situation worsens.

According to Italian law, in a dangerous situation, the authorities can obtain temporary power, experience the means of issuing dangerous decrees, and take quick measures to curb the outbreak of new epidemic, including carrying out travel ban, asking the public to keep diplomatic distance and wearing masks. It is reported that the Italian cabinet will hold a meeting in the near future to discuss the detailed epidemic prevention and control measures in the dangerous state.

In order to answer the new epidemic situation correctly, Italy was the first to implement the national dangerous state for six months from January 31. Now the dangerous state is coming to an end, but there is still more uncertainty about the epidemic in the country. Recently, Italy has informed dozens of confirmed cases of imported new coronal disease after international flights.

There are nearly 250000 confirmed cases of new crown in Italy, including more than 35000 cases of physical and chemical death, 200000 cases of cure, and 12609 confirmed cases.

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